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An advanced solution for in-the-cloud cleaning and protection of data
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Antivirus programs are designed to protect our computers from harm, but sometimes even they cannot help when a system is so heavily infected that you are unable to install or start any protective program. For cases like these, Panda Cloud Cleaner was invented.

Panda Cloud Cleaner is designed to clear out malware and allow users to install regular protection. It has a fast installation process and launches after install. Then, using a simple interface very similar to other Panda products, users can initiate a scan. Scanning is fast - in fact, it's faster than any full antivirus I can name, including Panda's own programs. But it's not only fast but also thorough. Cloud Cleaner finds most of existing types of hazardous code and even provides a summary of scanning results dividing them into special categories: "Malware & PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) Found," "Unknown Files & Suspicious Policies" and "System Cleaning" for register and Task manager components that might have been affected. I personally found Panda Cloud Cleaner to be extremely helpful, swift and effective tool when checking for unused items or traces in browsing and computer use history.

After the scan is performed, you can either clean all of the results or use flexible options to deal with the part of the code, since not all the suspicious programs and components are harmful. In fact, this brings us to the only issue I have with Panda Cloud Cleaner: it sometimes works so good that it harms the system. In several reported cases, scanning and cleaning led to the system being unbootable or important files being labeled as malware. This can be avoided if you look closely at the search results and have enough knowledge about the system, but inexperienced users may have difficulties with it.

Still, I believe that Cloud Cleaner is a very effective tool in what it is designed for. It's a powerful program based on the in-the-cloud technology which keeps your system clean and provides various additional features like safe system boot with malware detection. It's not for everyone, but can definitely find the right users.

James Lynch
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  • Fast and simple
  • Thorough scanning
  • Effective malware removal


  • May affect regular programs
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